ViSPR v2.2.1

ViSPR v2.2.1

ViSPR V2 (Beta)

This WordPress plugin connects the ViSPR SEO Partner Network with your WordPress website.

Version: v2.2.1
Published: 12. June 2023

Minimum Requirements

WordPress Version 5.9
PHP Version 7.2


  • Added: Improved error reporting and self-help system
  • Added: Monitoring system for updated user data
  • Added: Save button for the Blacklisting functionality in all lists for better usability
  • Added: Automated link generation and system testing for new users
  • Added: 24h user data cache for all network updates
  • Fixed: Automatically match updated partners
  • Fixed: Some errors with automatically updating user data
Version: v2.2.1
Published: 12. June 2023