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ViSPR v2.1.4

ViSPR v2.1.4

ViSPR V2 (Beta)

This WordPress plugin connects the ViSPR SEO Partner Network with your WordPress website.

Version: v2.1.4
Published: 09. February 2023

Minimum Requirements

WordPress Version 5.9
PHP Version 7.2


  • Added: New Daisychain algorithm update to adjust to the last Google algo change in late December 2022.
  • Added: Connected INCOMING backlinks in the new reporting page. Now populates the detailed Partner List as well.
  • Added: SPAMfilter now working for incoming and outgoing links.
  • Added: New “Weekly Drip” functionality to avoid overload through the new rules for DA and SPAMscore filters.
  • Added: Automatch for Category and Language Options now synced with the admin server to avoid mismatching.


  • Fixed: Connection bug related to the API Token not being deleted when the plugin gets deleted. Which caused a reconnection error and the plugin got stuck in Step 3 of the setup process. 
  • Fixed: Bug in new Disclaimer Form.
Version: v2.1.4
Published: 9. February 2023