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Supercharge your Link Building with our Ready-Made Partner Directory and watch your rankings rise to the top of Google Search.

Register a free Account and select a Subscription
First, register a free account and then select a subscription plan. That way we can keep your data in sync with our payment provider.
Submit your Startup to the ViSPR Network
Next, fill out the submission form with your Startup details and we send you an activation email with your embed code.
Embed the ViSPR Code on your Website
Just embed the ViSPR code on your website´s resource or partner page. Works with any popular CMS or page builder.
Supercharge your SEO with Do-Follow Backlinks
You automatically receive a Do-Follow Backlink from all other Partner Pages connected to the ViSPR Network.

Investing in growing SEO Success pays itself back over and over again.

For Startups. SEO Experts. Affiliate Partners. A Win-Win for every user type.

For Startups

49/ Month

All the Basics

1 SEO Keyword
Max. 100 Backlinks
Embed Code
Affiliate Links
For Niche SEO

79/ Month

One Niche Directory

3 SEO Keywords
All Niche Backlinks
Embed Code
Affiliate Links
Top Ranking
Featured Listing
For SEO Experts

99/ Month

Maximum SEO Power

5 SEO Keywords
All Backlinks
Embed Code
No Affiliate Links
Top Ranking
Featured Listing
Explainer Video
Social Contact Details

Credit Card needed for registration. Prices are monthly in advance excluding 19% MWST if applicable. Two months discount for yearly payments. No long term contracts. Upgrade or downgrade at any time. All subscriptions based on our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

All our plans include the following benefits...

Partner Directory
Unleash your SEO Superpower with a Ready-Made Partner Directory for your website.
Instant Social Proof
Gain instant Social Proof with a network of hand-curated partners in your niche.
Backlinks on Autopilot
Benefit from Hands-Off Link Building and automatically receive a Backlink from each new partner.
SEO for Dummies
Exchanging Backlinks is a best-practice SEO strategy encouraged by SEO experts and Google itself.
Discovery Network
Get free direct traffic through the Discovery Network effect coming from all connected partner websites.
Relevant Context
Rank higher by linking only to highly-relevant partners in startup-related niche categories.

For Affiliate Partners

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Questions & Answers

Fast answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

By signing up first we are able to automatically sync your user profile with our payment platform. That way you can easily access and edit all of your data directly on our website instead of a third-party account. 

No, we don´t! SEO takes some time and you will not see an immediate effect in just the average 14 days trial. 

But you can always just register a free account and submit your listing for pre-approval to see how it works.  

SEO is a long term game. As long as you keep your subscription, you will receive all the backlink power from the network. If you cancel you will lose all these backlinks. Google will recognize this and downgrade your Search ranking position. 

Our headquarter is based in Germany, which means German companies need to pay an additional tax of 19% MWST.

Companies inside the European Union will need to give their company ID number to be exempt the tax.

Companies outside the European Union are not charged any additional tax. 

No, we don´t! We hand-curate the partners that we work with, which means, your company needs to meet our quality criteria and fit into our related startup niche categories. If you don´t, we will reject your application to become a partner and refund your subscription. 

You can´t. We have a special screen size that we are using so every image is the same size and will display nicely on any device. 

Just contact our support whenever you want to update your website screenshot image and we will do this for you.

Whenever we build a new niche directory for your business category, we are able to offer a 50% discount for the first six months while we are onboarding new partners. Please ask for a new category deal and we create a special deal for you.

SEO agencies usually charge an arm and a leg for their service, so why is ViSPR so cheap in comparison?

Compared to other agencies that have to build all of your backlinks manually, we offer a ready-made backlink directory as the solution. That means that every user in our network benefits from adding new partners to the same list. Instead of charging you on an individual basis, we can split the workload between everyone.

But at the same time, we save you a ton of money with new traffic from organic search engine rankings that you don´t have to pay for with ads. It´s a clear Win-Win for everyone. 

Yes, you do. We have an automated billing process through Stripe. That is why we ask for the card right from the start. This means that you will automatically get charged when you register. But we offer a 30 days money back guarantee. 

That depends on your individual website, keyword value, content history and other SEO setup.

Please read our Blog for more SEO tips as well as the Case Study to see how we have been able to dominate 11 of 12 page one results on Google search. It only took 3 months with a brand new website for a combination of two highly competitive keywords.

Your individual results may vary. 

Yes, our category setup is a work in progress. You can always suggest a new category to our support team. We will regularly add new categories whenever we see there is a sufficient demand in new niches. 

We are open for applications from affiliate partners that offer a recurring lifetime revenue share commission. Feel free to apply if your startup is highly scalable and matches any of our startup categories.  

Yes it does. Please contact our support team with your requirements. 

You can include your Contact Persons Name and Support Email to your listing profile. We also support the following social profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. 

Google is constantly changing its search algorithm. In the past page rank and traffic have been more important than today. The new SEO currency of today is content relevancy. That is why we hand-curate all partners to make sure we have the best fit.

In the past, many Black Hat SEO "experts" used a tactic called "Link Farming." That was a mass of nonsense keyword-stuffed websites without any traffic, all interconnected and linking back to each other like a vast spider web. And YES, that was 100% useless SPAM.

Google has long since updated its search algorithm to detect these bad actors and shut down this strategy.

That is why ViSPR is a legitimate network of hand-curated partners with highly-relevant and verifiable live websites. We check every submission manually to guarantee that no bad actors can smuggle a SPAM page into our partner network.

If you feel like any partner page might be suspect, please contact our support team immediately at