There are a few known issues when you cannot connect the WordPress plugin to your user profile. See the info below on how to fix this.

1. Please check if any of these known issues apply to your case:

  • Old PHP versions below 7.2 might trigger a fatal error for the plugin
  • WP version minimum 5.9
  • Have you (de)activated your caching plugins?
  • Does this error still exist if you temporarily disable all other plugins? If not, then one of the plugins is funking this up.
  • Temporarily deactivate all your caching, site optimization, and security plugins for the installation process.  
  • Cloudflare CDN is blocking the connection by default – please deactivate it.

Update: ViSPR CAN work with CLOUDFLARE! There is an option setting in Cloudflare to allowlist a certain domain. So enter in this field and solve the 403 “not allowed” error that is caused by Cloudflare blocking the external API access to the ViSPR server.

Cloudflare Allowlist

2. You cannot connect after first installation OR reconnect after Plugin reinstallation

How to solve the „Cannot connect” Problem:
1. Create a new password for the user
2. Use the username instead of the email address to connect the plugin to our server
3. Deactivate all your caching and security plugins for the setup process, then try again. 


If you have reinstalled the plugin after not using it for some time or migrated your hosting to a new server:

Please ask our support to revoke your API token.

3. Web Hosting Providers that block the server connection by default

Some hosting providers have been found to set an unnecessarily high level of restrictions in favor of “Security.”  In this case, you need to contact their support team and ask them to lower their restrictions and whitelist our API call URL (see below in 3.1). If they do not comply, the ViSPR plugin will only work after a website migration to another hosting provider.

  • Namecheap
  • Rootpal
  • Strato
  • A2 hosting
  • 20i hosting
  • Hostmaria
  • Siteground
  • WPbuzz

Siteground has added a new AI security firewall that blocks our API requests. You need to ask their support to whitelist our plugin, then it will work like normal. 

We recommend Hostinger, as we are hosting with them and know that they are not blocking any connection requests in or out. 

3.1 Whitelisting the API Call with Web Hosting Providers

Some hosting providers, as well as security and caching plugins can potentially automatically block our API call. This is known to be true for WordFence, Siteground Security, and Cloudflare. 

In this case, you can WHITELIST either our website domain OR if you need to whitelist the API call URL itself, this is the URL you are looking for: 

4. Hosting Server Config Problems related to timeout (cURL)

When you get an error “cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 5000 milliseconds“, this is a problem with your hosting server configuration, not the ViSPR plugin.
Here are two sites that show you how to fix this. Whichever works best for you:
If you need help with that, please ask your developer or hosting provider.

5. How to fix the errors shown on the reporting page?

Valid Membership Role

An error will appear if your user role is not set up to an active membership plan.

Valid Main Category

An error will appear if your main category is not set up. 

Valid Partner Page URL

An error will appear if you have actively deleted the partner page, changed the URL, or changed it to pending or draft mode. 

Live Page Status is 200

An error will appear if your pages are permanently cached (using static or non-dynamic cache), or the website is in maintenance mode. 

How to solve the „200 error“ for new installations:
1. Click on „Recheck System status“ button. It should immediately show the green check icon for this error. 
2. Reload the reporting page. It should immediately remove the red error background in the „Congratulations“ box. 
3. It now takes 24h for our system to recalculate the matchmaking and show your backlink partners. 
Valid Page Meta Tags

An error will only appear if you have actively changed the meta tag and/or robots.txt settings for the partner page URL from “follow” to “nofollow” and/or “index” to “noindex”.

Or if an installed caching-, SEO-, or security plugin has automatically changed these meta tag values from the default setup.

Most of the times, your web hosting is denying these settings and applying automated “nofollow” and “Noindex” attributes. It is recommended to always ask your hosting support first before reporting an error to our support. 

Valid Domain Authority 

An error will appear if we cannot extract your website’s domain authority. In this case, pleas contact support, as we can manually fix this for you. 

SPAMscore is below 20

An error will appear if the SPAMscore of your website is higher than 20. In this case, you are being blocked until you update your website and removed anything that increases your SPAMscore. After taking these actions, you can manually check your SPAMscore and let our support know to recheck this value, so we can manually update this data for you. Only then can you become unblocked and rejoin the partner network. 


Blog Post for understanding and optimizing your SPAMscore


In all of the above cases,

please manually apply the fixes and wait for 24h for our system to update your data.

After the set cached data period is over, you will be automatically matched with other partners again.


6. What to do if nothing works?

If nothing works, please consider giving our developer temporary admin access to your WordPress so we can try to fix this for you. That will help us learn more about this issue, and we might be able to spot a nasty bug that we can fix for everyone else 🙂