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The Do-Follow Backlinks Exchange Network

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The most advanced link building solution for WordPress. Works on Autopilot.

SEO = solved. Supercharge your Link Building with our UNIQUE Partner Directories and watch your rankings rise to the top of Google Search.

Apply with your Website to the ViSPR Network
First, select your subscription plan. After payment you will be redirected to the right registration form to submit your business information. Then you can download the WordPress plugin.
We manually approve each new partner in 24h to avoid SPAM
Once approved, you can connect the WordPress plugin to your ViSPR profile to create your unique Partner Directory. The onboarding process will automatically create a new WordPress page with the Directory.
Supercharge your SEO with Do-Follow Backlinks
You automatically receive Do-Follow Backlinks from the other Partner Pages connected to your unique ViSPR Partner Directory, based on filters and algorithms. We enforce the backlinks so no cheating here!

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Partner Directory
Unleash your SEO Superpower with a UNIQUE Ready-Made Partner Directory for your website.
Instant Social Proof
Gain instant Social Proof from a network of hand-curated partners in your niche.
Backlinks on Autopilot
Benefit from Hands-Off Link Building and automatically receive a Backlink from new partners in your niche.
SEO for Dummies
Exchanging Backlinks is a best-practice SEO strategy encouraged by SEO experts and Google itself.
Discovery Network
Get free direct traffic through the Discovery Network effect coming from all connected partner websites.
Relevant Context
Rank higher by linking only to highly-relevant partners in your industry-related niche categories.
ViSPR - SEO Backlinks Exchange Network

*This deal is a monthly subscription. Your application to the partner network needs admin approval. We will instantly refund your purchase if your listing is not approved. Prices are paid in advance, excluding 21% VAT in Spain if applicable. All subscriptions are based on our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Monthly Membership Subscription
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you don´t like it just ask for a refund. No questions asked. 

Maximum Number of Backlinks

How many Links are possible depends on the number of partners in your category.

WordPress Plugin

Download & install the native WordPress plugin

Submit 1 Website per Subscription

Connects only 1 website per subscription.

5 SEO Keywords

Tip: Use Google search phrases as keywords

Website Screenshot

Upload & edit your 16:9 website screenshot

Business Description

Google will read your description for context-relevancy.

Support Email

Offer a direct way for people to contact you.

Filter by Main Category

Select your industry niche to stay in context.

Unique Partner Directory

Use filters and our Daisychain algorithm to personalize your partner directory.

Daisychain Algorithm

Avoids 1:1 reciprocal link schemes for everyone!

Protection from Penalties

Our most advanced protection features constantly updated and expanded.

Sponsored Ads

Sponsored links to some hand-selected affiliate partners.

No Ads
Explainer Video

Link to your YouTube video.

Social Media Channels

Link out to your Social Media Channels

Filter by Language

Speak the same language like your partners.

Filter by Domain Authority

Filter by domain authority to link to similar websites.

Filter by SPAMscore

Automatically filter out spammy websites.

Blacklist Users

Block individual partners, like direct competitors.

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What our Users say about us

Sure, we are the biggest fans of our own product, so don´t listen to us. Instead you can read what our connected partners love about our SEO Partner Network.


Questions & Answers

Fast answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

We will manually check if your submission is a good fit to all our network partners. We do NOT ACCEPT any kind of SPAM or someone trying to game the system.  

No, we don´t! We hand-curate the partners that we work with, which means, your company needs to meet our quality criteria and fit into our related startup niche categories. If you don´t, we will reject your application to become a partner and refund your subscription if necessary. 

No, we don´t! But we offer an ironclad 30 days money back guarantee. If you don´t like it just ask for a refund. No questions asked. 

But remember: SEO takes some time and you will not see a spike effect in the average 30 days trial.   

Please note that SEO is a long term game and it takes months to get any results. It´s also important to understand that your individual result will vary based on your content niche, the keywords you want to rank for and your domain authority, as well as several other factors. 
We are 10 months in now and ViSPR had a push from page 60 to page 20 for the keywords "SEO backlinks". We also see a  dozen visitors coming from other partner pages. 
That does not seem to be relevant, but we could measure that these visitors let to 2 lifetime deal sales, which means about 20% conversion and 400 USD in sales from just a handful of visitors. So it actually is highly-targeted and valuable traffic. 
You also need to understand that there are millions of SEO freelancers and agencies competing for these super valuable top level keywords „SEO backlinks“ and we do nothing to rank for that at all. No blog content, no social posting, no marketing and just a one-pager. So you can see how powerful the backlinks of the partner network really are, even if you cannot really measure it. 

SEO is a long term game. As long as you keep your subscription, you will receive all the backlink power from the network. If you cancel you will lose all these backlinks. Google will recognize this and downgrade your Search ranking position. 

Our headquarter is based in Spain, which means spanish companies need to pay an additional tax of 21% VAT.

Companies inside the European Union will need to give their company ID number to be exempt the tax.

Companies outside the European Union are not charged any additional tax. 

Recently redesigned your website? Just log in to your user profile and upload a new screenshot image at any time. It will immediately go live on the partner network.  

Starting with V2 as a WordPress plugin, we will automatically create a new partner page with the directory shortcode pre-installed.

You just need to add the link to that new page in your footer menu. 

No, you can´t! Please provide ANOTHER email than a generic email address like info@, contact@, admin@ or support@ as your user account contact! Most Email Service Providers do NOT support generic admin email addresses, which means you would NOT receive future upgrade notification emails from us! 
BUT as we are about to launch new releases of the software all the time, you NEED to receive these emails! So please provide another email address to send you these important updates. 

A Daisychain is a term coined by IT developers that connect server infrastructure in a string like a row instead of each server to each other. 

In our use case, we make sure that we do NOT connect each partner with each other. That would be an easy to detect 1:1 reciprocal link scheme and thus become flagged by Google. 

Our solution makes sure that we skip partners and let you link out less than other partners link back to you, which redistributes the backlink power in your favor.

If you are starting with SEO don´t expect a „spike“ of traffic! SEO is a long-term game. Building do-follow backlinks and continuously publishing extensive content posts help you gain more visibility for the Google search engine.
On average it takes about 8-12 weeks to show results when using ViSPR for building backlinks. That does not mean you go from page 100 to the first result on page 1 overnight. Even if your rankings climb from page 70 to 50, no one might take any notice because no one ever scrolls that far.
If patience is not your game and you want immediate results there is no other way than to pay for paid ads. Buying paid ads is like switching a light bulb on and off. One second there is no traffic, and the next second there is traffic. You can only get a „spike“ with paid ads, or getting features by a popular blog or influencer, but SEO doesn´t work that way.
SEO works to constantly and gradually improve your overall search results for your domain and your best keywords. These effects take a long time but are also long-lived, so they are here to STAY for as long as you keep using the ViSPR partner network.
When you unsubscribe from ViSPR, all of this SEO power will be gone immediately.
Please make sure you understand how SEO works and how you will benefit from this to adjust your expectations.
NO! This is on purpose to avoid reselling of the codes as much as trying to sneak in SPAM listings once a good listing has been approved!
ONLY Agency accounts can do that when some of their clients decide to discontinue their service. 

No, you don´t!

The link building process works on autopilot and is completely hands-off for you.

You automatically receive a Do-Follow Backlink from all other Partner Pages connected to the ViSPR Partner Network.

Please note that your SEO results depend on your individual website, traffic, keyword value, content history and other SEO setup.

Please read our Blog for more SEO tips as well as the Case Study to see how we have been able to dominate 11 of 12 page one results on Google search. It only took 3 months with a brand new website for a combination of two highly competitive keywords.

Your individual results may vary. 

In the past, many Black Hat SEO "experts" used a tactic called "Link Farming." That was a mass of nonsense keyword-stuffed websites without any traffic, all interconnected and linking back to each other like a vast spider web. And YES, that was 100% useless SPAM.

Google has long since updated its search algorithm to detect these bad actors and shut down this strategy.

That is why ViSPR is a legitimate network of hand-curated partners with highly-relevant and verifiable live websites. We check every submission manually to guarantee that no bad actors can smuggle a SPAM page into our partner network.

Starting with the V2 Pro plan you can now generally filter out by Domain Authority and SPAMscore and even blacklist individual partners from your unique directory. 

If you feel like any partner page might be suspect, please contact our support team immediately at support@vispr.net.

Google is constantly changing its search algorithm. The new SEO currency of today is content relevancy. That is why we hand-curate all partners to make sure we have the best fit.

Taking the SEO guideline from Google literally, basically means each and every link that you use to promote your blog posts that redirect to your own website from any social media post or profile would be considered link spam.

There is no way for Google to check or enforce this guideline with the ViSPR network, as we have taken precautions to prevent this from happening. 

But let me put it this way: under the Google rules Facebook and Twitter would be the biggest SPAMMERs on the internet. But content promotion on social media WORKS, that´s a proven fact.

There are more than enough other sources that confirm that backlinks are important for your website else it looks like a dead-end to Google and we have proof this works for our customers, and we have taken measures that it will not get flagged or penalized.

Starting with V2 you should be able to see the backlinks in the admin dashboard and verify them with any popular third-party SEO analytics tool, like MOZ, SEMrush, or Ahrefs. 
Please note, that not all partners connect their website to the Google Search Console or tell Google to crawl their page again after embedding the directory, which slows down the results.
Depending on the tool you use, your website might not even show up any data. You can check with similarweb.com to see if your website even shows up any data at all. If you have less than 5.000 visitors web traffic per month, its very unlikely that any other tool will show correct backlinks and data for your website.

Yes, our category setup is a work in progress. You can always suggest a new category to our support team. We will regularly add new categories whenever we see there is a sufficient demand in new niches. 

You can include your Contact Persons Name and Support Email to your listing profile. We also support the following social profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud and TikTok. 

SEO agencies usually charge an arm and a leg for their service, so why is ViSPR so cheap in comparison?

Compared to other agencies that have to build all of your backlinks manually, we offer a ready-made backlink directory as the solution. That means that every user in our network benefits from adding new partners to the same list. Instead of charging you on an individual basis, we can split the workload between everyone.

But at the same time, we save you a ton of money with new traffic from organic search engine rankings that you don´t have to pay for with ads. Its a clear Win-Win for everyone. 

As stated in our terms, we cannot accept any websites about sex, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, politics, religion, pseudoscience, esoteric/supernatural, gambling, get-rich-quick schemes, MLM, snowball systems, addictions, abuse, violence, arms, copyright infringement, or counterfeit products. In any way! This is not open for discussion. 
About Cannabis: Even though some states and countries have legalized Cannabis, but it is still illegal in most countries. Because of this fact, we need to consider it SPAM to keep our partners out of any potential affiliation with all these topics above! 

Starting with the V2 Business plan we employ a Daisychain algorithm that skips some partners to avoid reciprocal link schemes.

You also get the option to filter your partners by main category, and support language. 

Starting with the PRO plan, you can also use advanced filters like Domain Authority, Spamscore and even blacklist individual partners. 

If you apply any of these filters you will get a very unique partner directory that is well protected from Google detection, penalties and future algo changes. 

As we are based in the EU, we are bound by GDPR. That is why we do not allow anonymous entries. 
We understand that this GDPR thing is a big issue and annoying for people outside of the EU, but we need to comply and every website needs a legal imprint in EUROPE, so we are also bound to comply. 
Think of it as a protection layer against SPAM entries, as you would not want to shop with someone not giving you a way to contact them back, right?
For those who are concerned about their data, there is no need to. Every business in the EU has their full contact data on their website and we do not get spammed all day. Also we have safeguards in place to make sure the Emails cannot be read by bots or accessed through JSON leaks.

We currently support the following languages:

English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, and French. 

Do you support Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Russian or any Asian languages?

NO, we do not! There must be at least an alternative English version or we cannot approve your listing.

Get that SEO Boost for your Search Rankings now

ViSPR - SEO Backlinks Exchange Network

*This deal is a monthly subscription. Your application to the partner network needs admin approval. We will instantly refund your purchase if your listing is not approved. Prices are paid in advance, excluding 21% VAT in Spain if applicable. All subscriptions are based on our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.